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The events of the past two weeks have brought the anger, pain and frustration fostered by centuries of systemic injustice, disenfranchisement and racism back to the forefront of American life. Once again, the murder of a black American has thrown communities from coast to coast into protest and civi…
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With a style influenced by illustrative tattooing, and frequent use of tattoo ink, British Columbia-based artist Emily Hamilton creates pen-and-ink portraits and more of the natural world with an imaginative bend. Source: Snowboarder
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Jones continues their charge at the forefront of sustainable snowboarding initiatives, making impressive progress in board design and engineering as well as in their environmental advocacy. Here we take a look at a handful of boards from their new line, including a couple splits, designed with all-m…
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Spencer Schubert runs through the basics of building a slappy curb in The North Face's latest installment of The Homework Project.Source: Snowboarder
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19 Bails, One WorldSlams From Burton’s Upcoming Film You know the drill: ya mess with the bull, ya get the horns. Filming a video part is a grueling, season-long battle, and this little snippet from Burton and the One World crew lends a peak into the suffering that often preludes the success. …
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A freak series of storms allowed for a shot at filming in Seattles streets as unique as it was fleeting. Feature pulled from Issue 32.1. Source: Snowboarder
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Finnish ripper Roope Tonteri may have dreams of representing Finland in skateboarding at the next summer Olympics, but with the Games currently pushed back a year, and qualifiers on hold, he's not taking it too heavily. Take a cruise through rural Finland as Roope invites us along for a day of fresh…
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A preview of Dragon Eyewear's Fall 2020 goggle line featuring the brand new PXV2 and Signature Series goggles from Danny Davis, Gigi Ruf and Bryan Iguchi.Source: Snowboarder
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Longtime SNOWBOARDER Magazine editor Tom Monterosso, perhaps better known as T Bird, joins the BudDiesel duo for a rip roarin' zig zag down memory lane. T Bird's way with words laid the foundation for an incredible career in snowboard media and makes for a riveting discussion in this brand new episo…
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Since its inception at Vermont's Suicide Six in 1982, the Burton US Open has grown into of the premiere events in the competitive snowboard landscape. The now iconic event moved to a new home at Vail in 2013, where it has run every year since. Today Burton announced the cancellation of what would ha…
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