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The yoga scene in Tel Aviv, Israel, is hotter than ever. Here, an Israeli-American yoga teacher living in Tel Aviv shares her favorite hot spots.

In Israela land where the question of lasting peace is always in the airTel Aviv offers a yoga scene that offers genuine hope. Known for its gay pride parade, world-class vegan cuisine, and a vibrant yoga scene, Tel Aviv is the home that I have found to be the most beautifully imperfect place on earth.

As an Israeli-American who grew up in Maryland, I moved home to Tel Aviv in 2012, and to this day the city has remained a majestic picture of honest contradictions. The city is bordered by soothing views of the Mediterranean Sea, yet home to troublesome politics, sporadic wars, and fiery, unapologetic personalities. Still, there is a dominant essence of cultural warmth, communal togetherness, and passion for life among the people who live there. What you might not know is that Tel Aviv, known globally for its cutting-edge tech sector, is a mixed playground of urban spirituality for young professionals, families, and creatives.

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As a yoga teacher and writer, I see more and more Israelis no matter their age, race, or background seeking peace that comes from within. Yogis here are hungry for these moments of connection, calm, and quiet. These moments are giftsnot to be taken for grantedand they allow Tel Avivians to celebrate life in a more present moment. You can see this in the citys dominant vegan movement or in the many people walking with yoga mats slung over their shoulders. You can see it in friends meetings at sunset, by the sea or in the parks, or in the many workshops, lectures, and awareness events going on all over the city.

For yogis visiting Tel Aviv, here are my recommendations for some of the many cant-miss yogi destinations. These places have added a deep sense of gratitude to my life. I hope they will do the same for you.

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