Supercharge your spring with this fun, Ayurveda-informed, fitness-inspired sequence for finding strength, endurance, and a fresh start.

Its still spring, known as kapha season in Ayurveda. The earth feels heavy and damp with moisture. Our bodies and spirits sense a natural opportunity to use this accumulated energy to fuel a clear and fresh reboot. This is an ideal time to lighten things up and rid ourselves of any lingering imbalances. Spring is also the perfect time to ramp up your yoga routine. Once kapha is energized, it brings great strength and endurance. 

Feeling resistant to getting moving? Know that doing so will turn into exhilaration and uplifted energy, and a renewed sense of joy and inspiration. Start with this kapha-balancing sequence with Michelle Briks Prosper, creator of Ohra Yoga in Westchester, New York. The moves and the dynamic add-on options she shares will help you feel clean and clear so you can truly celebrate the gifts this season has to offer.

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