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This is why old people don’t like skateboarders. Source: Red Bull
12 days ago · From Red Bull
(USA TODAY Sports) Lindsey Vonn was back on the slopes Wednesday after partially tearing the ACL in her reconstructed right knee two weeks ago. Vonn says she is putting off surgery until after the Sochi Olympics.While preparing for Sochi, Vonn spoke candidly about a number of topics with Red Bulleti…
12 days ago · From Red Bull
The fifty finalists from this year’s Red Bull Illume competition will be on outdoor display in Scottsdale Ariz Nov. 14-24. USA TODAY photo editor Jym Wilson was one of the contest judges and writes about the top ten finalists … German photographer Lorenz Holder’s photo of snowboard…
12 days ago · From Red Bull
Red Bull Stratos WASHINGTON, D.C. — Felix Baumgartner is happy he never has to jump from space again. The Austrian daredevil, BASE jumper and skydiver doesn’t feel that way because the famous Red Bull Stratos jump, in which he rode a helium balloon into the stratosphere and jumped to ear…
12 days ago · From Red Bull
Cody Townsend is a very talented skier, and is also apparently fearless, as evidenced by this run through a mountain chute that looks like if God decided to try replicating the awesomeness/danger of New Jersey’s own Action Park. The footage comes from Matchstick Productions’Days of My Yo…
12 days ago · From Red Bull
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